Los Angeles County Locks Down

It almost seemed like a race to issue lock down orders today for those of us in Los Angeles County! In just a few hours, we had both LA County and the State of California issue orders. This is a quick post talking about some similarities, differences, and problems with the two.

Los Angeles County’s Order

The LA County order came out this afternoon (uploaded in this post). It’s pretty similar to the orders we saw up in Northern California. They basically say: “it’s better to stay at home, if you go to confined places with more than 10 people, there are a bunch of restrictions.”

The California Order

The Governor’s office also issued an order this afternoon, which I wrote about briefly tonight. Unfortunately, the Governor’s doesn’t have much detail in the order, even though the order covers a lot more people than just LA County. It covers the entire state.

Terrible rollout compared to the counties and cities if you ask me.

Which One Matters?

I like the LA County order better because it’s got more detail and clarity in terms of what you can, should, and can’t do. I really dislike the Governor’s order because it’s super confusing and feels like it was written without a lot of thought.

Unfortunately, the order issued by the State should override the LA County order, but give me a second to look into the details of each and what’s really going on.

What a mess!

But don’t panic. Stay home as much as you can right now until this blows over. Be safe! Stay tuned and I’ll try to help you figure this out!

I’m planning a conference call on this mess in the next couple of days to try to sort it out. To get on the email list and get an invite, click here.

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