California Locks Down

California’s Governor just announced a statewide order (uploaded below) to keep people in their homes. By the time you read this post, you’ll probably hear a lot more about it in the news. Let me give you the hot takes just a few hours after the order hit the internet.

Before I start, I hope you can rely on what I tell you as a trusted source because I seriously have no vested interest in drawing you to the site. I don’t make any money from this other than, possibly, building my reputation. And my reputation relies on telling you the truth!

What the Governor Said and Didn’t Say

The Governor issued an order from his office (No. N-33-20) saying that everyone in California has to “stay at home.” Not to concern you, but the order doesn’t have much detail at all.

What he didn’t do is explain who can do what and how. This is going to be messy over the next couple of days!

Don’t worry though. In a state of almost 40 million people, people are going to have to sort this out.

What We Know So Far

The order says that we should stay home unless

  • you’re providing critical infrastructure functions (there are 16 of them, which I’ll explore soon)
  • that the supply of food and needed supplies should continue, which seems to imply that grocery stores and restaurants can continue to operate with take out
  • there are other “authorized activities,” which weren’t explained in the order

Open Questions (Lots!)

But what’s interesting is that the Governor didn’t actually say any of these things. It looks like he copied and pasted from the Public Health Office.

As such, it seems like they put the order together without a lot of thought, which might create a lot of chaos and confusion in the short term.

  • The order is effective immediately, does that mean people on the road RIGHT NOW need to get home?
  • What does an essential function mean? Uber drivers? Textile workers? There are “16 critical” sectors that get an exception, so I’ll dive into it soon.
  • What are you going to do?

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For those who want to read it, here is the full California Executive Order N-33-20

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