Well, that happened fast. We went from things being really busy and keeping our heads above water just a few weeks ago to a rapid, widespread economic crash. Last week, there are 3.3 million unemployed, the stock market collapsed, and Congress just passed a $2 trillion bailout.

UPDATES! Recently unemployed? Read my emergency survival guide. 3.3 million unemployed+$600/week in additional unemployment. Mortgage companies are offering voluntary relief.

Free conference call coming soon! Get on the list for information and updates.

This isn’t my first time through something like this. I was a bankruptcy lawyer during the Great Recession. I feel like I need to help out because most of us haven’t gone through this in 12 years!

This thing we’re going through is hitting us harder and faster than 2008, but it’s fundamentally different. YOU CAN GET THROUGH IT!

Hit the button below and I’ll keep you in the loop. Free of course.

(Keep in mind I can only help those in California, and submitting this form does not create an attorney-client relationship!)

Latest updates

March 28: Mortgage companies are offering voluntary relief. I think this is really promising–far better than what happened during the Great Recession.

March 27: 3.3 million new unemployment claims + $600 per week in additional unemployment. It’s been a long week folks; I don’t have to tell you that.

March 26: How does one city’s eviction ban work? Covered Hermosa Beach, but I’ll try to add more cities.

March 24: Congress is close to delivering some help (see below), and I take you on a quick tour of all the things that are in place to stem the financial impact of the pandemic. And a touch of hope at the end 🙂

March 23: Hot takes on what Congress is thinking about doing. Extended unemployment and $1,200/adult + $500/child cash

March 21: Student loans paused for 60 days. But there are details. Read on…

Attorney advertising. Now and then I help people file for bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy Code, but I do a lot more than that for my clients. As such I qualify as a debt relief agency, which I’m proud to say. Michael Rice is responsible for the content. 840 Apollo Street, No. 100, El Segundo, CA 90254

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